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Closures and Changes (please always be sure to check our Facebook as well, you don't need to have an account to see our posts): Zumba is closed on Sunday, Nov 23rd. Join us instead for an hour of Belly Dance Fitness which will begin at 11am instead of 11:30am! NOTE: this class is still free to try! All classes are closed on Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend, Nov 27-30th. 

$5 Drop In for the month of November: Select Belly Dance classes; Fundamentals of Belly Dance on Saturdays and Sundays, Intermediate Belly Dance on Saturdays, Continuing Belly Dance on Tuesdays, and FREE for the month of October is Belly Dance Fitness Express on Sundays and Dance Style Yoga Express on Saturdays.

Check out our newsletter: Click here to read November's newsletter- especially important are the points on the lefthand side of the newsletter with lots of need-to-know info for those who are new to Dance Life. 


Inappropriate Song Night:

Date: December 5th, 2014 
Held at Dance Life from 7-10PM
Cost: Suggested $5 donation

 We were planning on only holding one of these this year... But so many of you wished you had performed in it when we held ISN in May that we're doing it again in December! 
 Adult ladies 18+ only, join us onDecember 5th for an outrageous night of fun. 
 Possibly the best event we offer, performers of all varieties perform acts to their favorite inappropriate song, in their favorite inappropriate outfit, doing their favorite inappropriate dance- or all of the above! Courtesy panties are required, and otherwise no holds barred. 
Event is BYOB so bring drinks and snacks; we'll socialize for the first hour and a half before we get going with the performances; then, get ready to laugh until your sides hurt. 
Email us  with your name letting us know you would like to attend.
Interested in performing? We have plenty of space for performers! Contact us if you want to be put on our roster.