Adult Beginner Ballet

Level:  Beginner

Instructor:  Andrea


Wednesdays 7PM.
This class is an 8-9 week session class. The upcoming sessions begin on the following dates, though you may begin at any point in the session:

  • July 3rd- 9 week session

  • Sep 11th- 8 week session

    Nov 6th- 7 week session


Ballet slippers (any color/style) are recommended.


Adult Beginner Ballet is designed with the complete novice dancer in mind, but those with experience will still find it a useful tool for refining technique. We’ll cover basic foot and arm positions as well as correct body alignment starting at the barre and then moving to center floor exercises.

Students will also be introduced to basic ballet terminology. Through the study of ballet, the student can improve foot and leg strength, speed, and agility, and learn how to use those dangly bits attached to your torso (talking about your arms here!) gracefully.

Whether you want to improve your technique in other dance forms, improve posture and strength, or take your ballet experience to the next level (see Kya on Sundays at noon for intermediate ballet!), beginner ballet will help you achieve these goals with a friendly, all-bodies-welcome approach.

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