Ballet Fitness

Level:  Intermediate

Instructor:  Kya


Sunday 11AM


Mat.  Wrist/ankle weights optional.


Kya has been teaching Adult Intermediate Ballet with Dance Life for the last year, and has been dancing ballet for the last 10 years with Madison Ballet and Kehl Academy, and now she’s ready to pick it up a notch with Ballet Fitness!

With an emphasis on muscle conditioning and core engagement, ballet fitness will help build stronger muscles, increase endurance and strengthen your core, all while making you feel like a warrior. Expect to start class with a set of ballet stretches, then work into movement combos including 2nd position plies, arabesques, etc and elevation combos (kicks, plies, etc), with the second half of the class focusing on strengthening floor work on a mat- please bring one with you. Wrist/ankle weights optional.