Belly Dance Fundamentals

Level:  Beginner


Arielle, Kathy (Mama K), or Sarah


Mondays 6PM - Arielle
Wednesdays 6PM- Arielle & Mama K
Sundays 10AM - Sarah


This class is intended to be taken once a week for 8 weeks, though latecomers to the session are always welcome. Our next sessions will restart on the following dates:

  • Jan 6th- 8 week session

  • Mar 3rd- 8 week session


Relate positively to your body with Fundamentals of Belly Dance! Find ease being in your skin and have fun while getting high-quality exercise.

Great for adults with no prior dance experience, students will learn a fun routine each week that features one of the foundational moves of belly dance. We encourage students to turn off their brains and get into their bodies, and simply enjoy moving and being physical!

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