Belly Dance Adventure

Level:  Beginner+


Reenah and Ingrid


Saturdays 10AM
Tuesdays 7PM


This class learns a choreography for 7-9 weeks, with a new snippet learned each week- join at any time. If you wish to begin at the start, the next sessions restart on the following dates:

  • Sep 8th- 8 week session

  • Nov 3rd- 7 week session


Shimmies and hip drops and undulations, oh my! If you are familiar with a few basic belly dance moves and have been wondering what to do with them next, join us for a Belly Dance Adventure!

Each week brings a new adventure in the form of a different extended combo each class, which culminates in an entire choreography by the end of the session. All new moves are fully explained and broken down, and dancers are encouraged to begin anywhere in the session.

Join and get access to a private Facebook group where you can view the complete choreographies. All levels are welcome, although some familiarity with basic belly dance moves helps. With two teachers, we always have time for questions and personal help.

This class is intended to be taken once a week, though you may double up if you like!