I’m a new student. What do I need to know?

No matter what your punch card (example: 4 class pass, Groupon, unlimited month) you may attend any class you would like, whenever you would like to take it. No registration is necessary, except for specialty events such as Ladies Nights or workshops. When you have found a class that you want to take, just show up ten minutes early and you will sign a waiver and will be all set to take classes.

Any class that is fitness based is a drop in class, you may begin at any time you would like at the intensity level that’s right for you. Please see “How difficult are your classes?” below for an in-depth explanation, but basically we have beginner (B), all levels or easy to modify (B+), intermediate (I) and advanced (A). A few of our classes run on sessions, such as Fundamentals of Belly Dance which is offered as a rotating 8 or 9 week class. If a class does run on a rotating schedule, it will say so under its description on the “Classes & Schedule” page. Please click on this link to find out when Fundamentals of Belly Dance, our troupe classes and other performance and technique classes begin the next session. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email us.

Please “like” us on Facebook and check our website regularly to stay updated on class updates and closures. Please check in at the registration desk prior to every class. If your contact information changes, leave your new email, phone number, name or address should we need to contact you for schedule changes or class cancellations.

If you are brand new to fitness or dance classes, we recommend Fundamentals of Belly Dance to give you the necessary coordination to make the rest of our B-I level classes much more accessible.

I bought a punch card, unlimited month, or Groupon (or other Social Media). What do I do next?

Take a look at our "Class Descriptions" page to decide what classes you would like to try. On the day of your first class, come to the Studio about 10 minutes early to redeem your coupon and sign a waiver. We recommend bringing in a printed copy of your coupon, or the coupon pulled up on an app on your phone. If you have any questions regarding classes, don’t hesitate to call, text, email, or stop in to speak with a receptionist during the following hours:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur: 5:45-7:30p
Sat: 8:45-10a
Sun: 9:45a-12p
*while our hours are more extensive than this, these are the best times to find a receptionist available to speak with you

You do not have to commit to just one class or type of classes. Feel free to use your card for any class, any time! All social media coupons are good for all classes- i.e. if you bought a Groupon for Belly Dance classes, you may still attend all of our fitness classes and vice versa.

Even if you aren’t interested in belly dance, we recommend all new students start or supplement with Fundamentals classes for their first four to eight weeks. Unless you are an experienced dancer or dance fitness class attendee, Fundamentals will help you build the necessary amount of body awareness to help you be successful in all the rest of our dance and fitness classes. Please see CLASS SCHEDULE to find out more about when Fundamentals is offered.

When does Fundamentals of Belly Dance begin a new session?

Please see the listing for Fundamentals under “Class Information“, where you can find all of the upcoming restart dates for the 8-9 week rounds of Fundamentals of Belly Dance. Please note the same class is offered all week long at different times of the week. For example, if hip circles is the “move of the week” on a Sunday, the same material is offered that same week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The class is designed to be taken once a week for 8 weeks, but repetition never hurts if you want to take it more frequently!

I’ve never danced/taken a fitness class before. Where should I start?

Even if you aren’t interested in belly dance, we recommend all new students start or supplement with Fundamentals classes for their first four to eight weeks. Unless you are an experienced dancer or dance fitness class attendee, Fundamentals will help you build the necessary amount of body awareness to help you be successful in all the rest of our dance and fitness classes. Otherwise, we recommend sticking to our B and B+ level classes- these are on the lower side of the intensity scale. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

How difficult are your classes?

All of our classes are ranked by difficulty or intensity level. Whether it’s dance or fitness-related, be sure to check the letter in brackets before or after the name to get an idea of whether the class is right for you. The scale is as follows:

(B) Beginner level or low intensity

(B+) “Begintermediate” level, easy to modify, or mild intensity

(I) Intermediate or moderate intensity

(A) Advanced or high intensity

What’s your cancellation policy?

We try to hold classes as regularly as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way.  If a teacher is sick or absent from the studio, we do our best to fill it with the same or a similar class. If we aren’t able to do that, we try to offer any class we can so you can still get your dance or fitness in. In the event a class is outright canceled, we will post immediately to Facebook and the website, so be sure to check those out for the latest updates. If inclement weather is happening in the preceding hours before class, be sure to keep a close eye on Facebook and the website; Facebook updates are to the minute. As a courtesy to our customers, we try to contact regular attendees via email if a class is canceled less than 24 hours before it’s scheduled to happen, so be sure we have your correct address if you would like to receive those notifications!

Should I wear shoes?

That’s entirely up to you! Many people wear shoes for the fitness classes, and most people dance barefoot for the dance classes. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is fine by us! If you choose to wear shoes during class, please wear indoor shoes (or outdoor shoes that have been well-cleaned of any dirt) to keep the dance floor clean. Please do NOT wear shoes from the outdoors on to the dance floor.

I bought a Groupon (or other Social Media) and it expires soon. What does this mean?

Bring your Groupon in before the expiration date, and we will issue you a class punch card (kept at the studio), which never expires. Once you have a punch card, you are free to use up the punches at your leisure. If your Groupon is past its expiration date, you can still bring it in and redeem it for the amount you paid (ie: a $25 Groupon counts as $25 towards classes).

When are you open?

The building is open any time a class is being held; please see our Class Schedule page for an updated listing of our current classes and times.

If you are looking to speak to a receptionist, please come during the following hours:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur: 5:45-7:30p
Sat: 8:45-10a
Sun: 9:45a-12p

If you are looking to access the building during times that are not specified above, please call us at 608-616-9440.

Add us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on Dance Life news & class changes or cancellations!

What are your prices?

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: 10 Class Pass for $29, 20 Class Pass for $45!

Drop in: $10
4 Class Pass: $39
8 Class Pass: $72
16 Class Pass: $136
Unlimited Month: $69

What is your current class schedule?

For our most up-to-date class schedule information, check out the Class Schedule page.

Where is the Studio located?

6725 Seybold Rd
Madison, WI 53719



Directions from the Beltline:

Take the Beltline to the Gammon Rd. Exit
Go South to the first light (Seybold Road)
Make a Left on Seybold Road
The Studio is on your Right


When do classes begin?

All Classes at Dance Life are ongoing and can be started at any time, with the exception of the belly dance series (minus Fitness), and the choreography classes, which are progressive.

Fundamentals of Belly Dance can be started any time in the 8-9 week series, although please be aware some moves you will not have as much practice with as the class will already have covered it. The class moves slowly, however, as it is geared towards students with absolutely no prior dance experience, and most students do not struggle to keep up if they begin later in the session. See the “Fundamentals” description under “Class Information” for our upcoming start dates.

Choreography classes are classes where an entire choreographed routine is learned, and can be started any time, but be aware that you may be a minute or
two behind in learning the dance. If you are interested in joining one of these classes, feel free to email us to find out where we are in the choreography.

What does it mean to buy a Punch Card or Unlimited Month?

Do I have to sign up for or commit to a class?

You do not need to sign up for or commit to one class, or series of classes. Only the belly dance series are progressive, and even then, you are welcome to begin at any time during the 8 week session. You don’t need to register for any classes- just show up and take a class!

What is a Punch Card?

A punch card is a class pass. You can buy 4, 8, or 16-punch cards, valid for that number of classes. These never expire.

What is an Unlimited Month?

An Unlimited Month is a pass for unlimited classes between the day you activate the Unlimited Month, and the same day the next month. For example, starting an unlimited month on August 12th means your month goes until September 12th. Begin any time!

What classes can I attend with a punch card or unlimited month?

Punch cards and Unlimited Month Passes are valid for all classes at the studio except workshops or events, which have a separate fee and sign-up.

How can I use my Punch Card or Unlimited Month?

Your Punch Card or Unlimited Month is valid for all classes at Dance Life. You may use it to for any class, any time! Workshops and special events are not included on a punch card or unlimited month.

You do not need to register for each class you would like to take. Only belly dance series is progressive, all other classes operate on a drop-in basis. You can still begin Fundamentals any time in the 8 week course, though not all moves may be broken down into fine detail each class.

Punch cards never expire, and unlimited months can be started anytime in the month.

What is your refund policy?

Punch Card or Unlimited Month Refunds:

Classes are subject to change.

Class cards (punch cards and unlimited month options) are non refundable.

Workshop or Event Refunds:

If Dance Life is notified:
30 days prior to event- Full Refund
14 days prior to event- 50% Refund
Less than 14 days before event: No refund, but payment can be transferred towards future events

Social Media Coupons (Groupons, Living Social, etc.):

Classes are subject to change.

Groupon purchases are non-refundable.

Store Purchases:

Store purchases are non-refundable, final-sale items.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing. Yoga clothes, sweats, leggings, or pajamas are all acceptable. Something that is tighter in the knee is preferable so your instructor can make sure you are practicing proper technique and not doing any damage to your joints. You are not required to show your belly for the belly dance classes!

Please make sure to wear indoor shoes (or outdoor shoes that have been well cleaned of any dirt) if you are bringing shoes onto the dancefloor.

If you don’t have appropriate clothes, or would like something special like a coin belt to help make your experience a full one, Dance Life offers an apparel store in house where you can buy pants, tops, jewelry, coin belts and much more!


Is belly dance appropriate for children?

Although Dance Life is an adult dance class studio, belly dance is a family friendly art form, and suitable for children of all ages. Children ages 7 and up are welcome to take any of our classes, provided they have the attention span to make it through an hour-long class geared towards adults. We love mother-daughter teams!

What classes should I take if I am interested in a fitness class?

Our classes are tiered by challenge level, and go in the following order:

(B): Beginning level class, and/or low intensity
(B+): all levels welcome, and/or low to moderate intensity
(I): Intermediate, and/or moderate intensity
(A): Advanced, and/or high intensity

We have fitness classes at all levels, so jump in wherever you feel most comfortable. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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