Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome! Dance Life is a body-positive haven of dance and movement for adults. We encourage dancers of all sizes, genders, ages, shades, and abilities to embrace themselves as they are right now and find joy in movement for the sheer pleasure of movement. We believe that exercise and activity is meant to feel good, not to be a punishment for having bodies that don’t meet an unattainable ideal. We want to help you declare a truce with your body, and get back in touch with movement as something enjoyable and fun.


No matter what your punch card (class pass, newcomer deal, Groupon, unlimited month) you may attend any class you would like, whenever you would like to take it.

Class registration is not necessary, except for specialty events such as Ladies Nights or workshops.*** 

How to Get Started

If you haven’t already, select and purchase either a punch card or an unlimited month. You may also purchase one at the front desk if you aren’t sure which option is best and would like to speak to a receptionist. All of our classes are one hour long, drop in classes unless otherwise noted. Our series classes have restart dates for those who feel a bit shaky in their dance technique and would like to begin at week 1, otherwise we encourage you to begin at any point in the series. 

Choose whatever class you would like to start with, and show up 10-15 minutes before the class is due to begin. Bring in a copy of your registration email and payment confirmation email (paper or email confirmation on phone), and the receptionist will create a digital punch card for you on our computer system, and answer any questions you may have about our facility. Please be sure to check in at the registration desk prior to every class. If your contact information changes, please leave your new email, phone number, name or address should we need to contact you for class cancelations.

If you are relatively new to dance or fitness classes: to get the most out of our studio, we recommend new students take at least a few classes of Fundamentals of Belly Dance, even if you aren't interested in learning to belly dance. This is particularly important for students who have no experience with dance or fitness classes, as Fundamentals will help you learn basic body awareness- a skill which will make every other class you take much easier. If you have experience with other dance or fitness classes or feel comfortable following basic movement prompts like, "step touch" or "turn to the right", you can skip this step.

Pick the right level for you: our classes are broken into four categories of intensity and complexity. Please see our class listings on any of our calendars to find a class at the level you are looking for.

  • Level B Low to no intensity, beginner level
  • Level B+ Mild intensity or easy to modify, good for all levels
  • Level I Moderate intensity, intermediate level
  • Level A High intensity, advanced level


What do I wear? You are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable- most people come in yoga clothes, workout clothes, leggings, pajamas, sometimes even work clothes. Please make sure to wear indoor shoes (or outdoor shoes that have been well-cleaned of any dirt) if you are bringing shoes onto the dance floor. Regular shoes may be worn on all carpeted areas.

Cancelations. If a teacher is sick or absent from the studio, we do our best to fill it with the same or a similar class. If we aren’t able to do that, we try to offer any class we can so you can still get your dance or fitness in. In the event a class is outright canceled, we will post immediately to Facebook and the website, so be sure to check those out for the latest updates. If inclement weather is happening in the preceding hours before class, be sure to keep a close eye on Facebook and the website; Facebook updates are to the minute. As a courtesy to our customers, we try to contact regular attendees via email if a class is canceled less than 24 hours before it’s scheduled to happen, so be sure we have your correct address if you would like to receive those notifications!

Events. Dance Life offers many different events in addition to our regular weekly classes. We regularly offer Dance Nights with topics ranging from burlesque to hip hop, and fun performance events like Inappropriate Song Night and Burlesque Drag Fusion. You can also find dance parties, fitness workshops and dance workshops. See our "Studio Events" page for more information.

Store. We have coin belts and outfits available for sale in the studio if you'd like to pick up some fun gear. 

Rentals. Dance Life is available for any kind of rental including parties, private ladies’ nights, private classes, and more. Check out the "Rent Our Space" page for more information. 

Private Lessons. If you would like one-on-one time with any of our teachers to better understand class material or choreography, to learn a full routine for performance, etc, they are all available for hire for private lessons. Private lessons must be purchased separately and can’t be used with a punch card or unlimited month. Email us for more information.