Intermediate Bellydance 

Level:  Intermediate


Arielle and Kathy or Sarah


Tuesdays 6PM:  Arielle & Mamma K
Sundays 11AM:  Sarah


Suggested that Belly Dance Fundamentals has been completed, first.

This class does not run on sessions - jump in when you wish!


In Intermediate Bellydance, basic concepts are expanded upon, and the dancer’s vocabulary of movement is greatly increased. Core technique skills are refined and combinations become longer. Students are encouraged to repeat this level to build the strongest foundation. All classes cover the same material, however each class covers dance movements and concepts at a different pace. We recommend trying out as many teachers as possible!

Unlike Fundamentals, Intermediate Belly Dance does not run on sessions; whenever you feel ready to move on, we encourage you to jump in. Our best recommendation: continue taking Fundamentals after you begin Intermediate to gain the best understanding of the dance form.