Khaleegy Belly Dance

Level:  Beginner+

Instructor:  Sanaz Cordes


Tuesdays at 6PM


Drop-in any time.  Routines are worked on for 2-4 weeks at a time, so new dancers can drop in and learn whenever they wish!


Khaleegy is a belly dance style from the Arabic peninsula and the Persian Gulf.  Our Dance Life version of this class infuses this classic dance style with modern hip hop, Egyptian belly dance steps, and even ballet! 

Khaleegy/Kawliya style belly dance It varies from a playful and lively to a more classic belly dance style. It involves a a focus on footwork, spins, and graceful movements in the upper body and arms. The hallmark moment is mesmerizing hair tossing. The Kawliya routines are faster, more cardiovascular and often involves kneepads and daggers! 

Sanaz, your Persian/Turkish instructor will share some middle easter vocabulary and tell you silly stories about the origins of these belly dances. Don't get her started....!

Current Students:

Class choreography is located here!