Student Troupe Performance Classes 

Instructor:  Arielle


These classes have open enrollment several times a year and aren’t drop in classes. If you are interested in joining one of our troupes, please send us an email and we will gladly let you know when we will be beginning a new routine!


A whole room full of people, clapping and cheering for you… Who doesn’t want to experience that? Get a slice of the limelight in our student troupe performance classes! These classes are a low-pressure opportunity for students who would like to perform in a group onstage.

The troupes are also highly recommended for those who are new to town or who are looking to make new friends.


Experimental Burlesque (Intermediate)

Mondays 7PM

This experimental burlesque student troupe likes to get weird and sexy! Have a veritable boatload of fun with other ladies from the studio and learn a variety of burlesque routines from sexy chair dances, raunchy floorwork routines to funny routines as male strippers, drag queens and more. This troupe mostly performs for our thrice-annual, just-for-women-and-nonbinaries event called Inappropriate Song Night, and occasionally learns a few family-friendly routines as well. Purchase or acquisition of a basic costume will be required, between $10 and $50 per performance. We strongly recommend a round of Fundamentals of Belly Dance followed by a round of Burlesque Fundamentals before attending this class.

Semi-Pro Burlesque Troupe (Advanced)

Mondays 8PM

Also known as the Trojan Whores, Dance Life's semi-pro burlesque troupe travels the state doing burlesque choreography of all styles with a weird and sexual twist. This class will learn a variety of burlesque-based choreographies- think pasties and thongs- with the intention of taking them on the road to public gatherings such as the Wisconsin Burlesque Festival and more. This class is for those who are ready to take their burlesque dancing to the next level, get out into the public, and make a little money!

Prerequisites: at least two rounds of 8 week sessions each (4 total sessions) of Fundamentals of Belly Dance and Burlesque, at least 1 year with another troupe at Dance Life/1 year of serious, regular attendance at our other classes.

Required: due to stage size limitations in many venues, not all of the troupe is a part of every performance. When not rehearsing for a performance, troupe members are required to maintain weekly attendance in a technique class (belly dance, burlesque or ballet) to stay sharp.

This troupe has open enrollment approximately once every 12-18 months, and is otherwise by audition only.

Bellyesque (Beginner+)

Thursdays 6PM

This class will learn a choreography based usually in either belly dance or burlesque together, and perform in Inappropriate Song Night, family friendly events and occasionally outside gigs here in Madison. The burlesque performances in this class are always clothed, and usually more on the classy or silly side of things. The belly dance performances are offered at a begintermediate to intermediate level. Purchase or acquisition basic costuming will be required, not exceeding a maximum cost of $50 per performance. We recommend a round of Fundamentals of Belly Dance before taking this class, and Burlesque Fundamentals is suggested as well but not required.

All these classes are specifically geared towards performance, so please join if you feel you can commit to attending most classes. We don’t recommend dropping in on these classes as they will often contain material not relevant to those who aren’t a part of the performance. Contact us to find out where we are in a routine and join one of our performance classes to be a part of the fun!