Level:  Beginner+

Instructor:  Sadie


Sundays 1:30PM - 3:00PM
Mondays 7:30PM-9PM
(note this class is 90 mins in length)


This class is intended for women (cis and trans) and femme nonbinary folk.


Qoya is a movement practice that encourages women to remember our essence as "wise, wild and free." Qoya draws on yoga, belly dance and intuitive movement to guide participants to "slow down to feel more." Rather than focus on how it looks, we focus in class on how it feels. Each class includes circling, heart opening, hip opening, dancing our prayer, dancing the shadow contrast, shaking, choreographed dance and free dance. Combining reverence, ritual, and regular old FUN, Qoya is about community, sharing, and coming back to ourselves. 

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