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Schedule Changes

Closures, Additions, Changes (please always be sure to check our Facebook as well, you don’t need to have an account to see our posts):

-Now Open: Bandari, Persian Folk Dance,  Tuesdays at 6pm

-Dance, personal + small group training, massage and fresh meal delivery, all now available under the Dance Life roof!

You read that right, schedule a massage at Dance Life (before, during AND after classes) for no more than $59 for a 60 min massage- less if you buy a package. Get personal or group training for as low as $9 a session, right in our facility. Too tired or busy to cook yourself some good food? Schedule fresh meal delivery of organic, locally sourced ingredients that you can pick up in our lobby for less than you could make it at home!

Arielle is incredibly excited to announce that Dance Life is teaming up with THRIVE Madison to bring you even MOAR awesome services in our building. If you like the staff at Dance Life, you’re going to like the team of THRIVE Madison just as much; these amazing ladies and gentlemen share the same passion as Dance Life does for making your life a great place to live!

Check out the flyer, there’s a special on their already low prices just for Dance Lifers happening right now.

THRIVE Madison is all about bringing healthy living to you; their team of physicians, personal trainers, chefs, and massage therapists have created services that are up to 50% cheaper than cooking, joining a gym, or driving to & from a subpar massage experience! And all these services are delivered in the convenience and comfort of your own home or right in our facility.

Click “like” on their Facebook page or check our their website at to learn more about healthy, farm-to-table meals delivered weekly and made fresh by the chef and cofounder of THRIVE Madison, or to schedule a massage, personal, or group training session- check out the flyer, there’s a special on their already low prices just for Dance Lifers happening right now!





$5 Drop Ins for October: Adult Beginning Hip Hop, Wednesdays at 6pm. Piloxing, Saturdays at 10am. Intermediate Belly Dance, Sundays at 11am. Ballet Fitness, Sundays at 11am

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Online Classes

A selection of online classes by Arielle are currently available. We have class snippet tasters on Youtube, and full classes available for purchase on Powhow. Check out what we have offered:

Beginner Belly Dance Drills for Skills– Do these drills daily to increase your basic belly dance vocabulary- horizontal and vertical movement in the hips and chest, horizontal and vertical figure 8s, hip circles, baby undulations, hip and shoulder shimmies, plus wrist circles and smoke hands. Then, run through all the common traveling movements in an “across the floor” style drill set with zanouba, glute squeeze, step touch and 3 step turn layers to improve your basic layering and traveling abilities.

Intermediate Belly Dance Follow Along Flow– Start part 1 with a fun flow of belly dance movements to get limber and get your heart rate up. Then, run through a set of “layer cake” drills to practice layering movements together more effectively, including glute squeezes, shimmies and zanoubas with arm and chest layers. Finish up with part 3, a follow along flow of common intermediate level traveling movements like the arabesque, three and two step turns, overwalk, serpentine and more.

Burlesque Fitness– Get loose, have fun, don’t think and just follow along! It’s like Zumba, but with burlesque moves. Sexy AND sweaty is how we do it.

Hippo Nippo Chin Breakdown and Combo– Intermediate Level. Dive deep into the technique of the “hippo nippo chin”, a fun and versatile sideways reverse undulation. In Part 2, learn a snakey combo to gain mastery over this total-body step.

Scheherezade Snippet- Learn a snippet of a beautiful song called “Scheherezade” which will help you increase your musicality and functional use of layered movements in belly dance. (Intermediate)


Check out some tasters here: