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Schedule Changes

Closures, Additions, Changes (please always be sure to check our Facebook as well, you don’t need to have an account to see our posts):

–  Sexy Jazz is now closed. What class do you want to see Mondays at 7pm? Please let us know, and we will do our best to make it happen! Email us at and let us know your opinion.

-Musical Theater, a 6 week minicourse, will be offered on Thursdays at 7pm beginning 1/12 in lieu of Broadway Jazz.

-Beginner Bellydance and Student Troupe opens Sundays at noon.



  • Adult Beginner Ballet, Wednesdays at 7pm
  • Musical Theater Thursdays at 7pm,  1/12 through 2/16
  • Burlesque Fundamentals, Thursdays at 7pm
  • Beginner Bellydance and Student Troupe, Sundays at noon.



  • Saturday Hula Hoop moves to 9 am
  • Saturday Fundamentals at 9 am becomes Hula Hoop
  • Saturday Intermediate at 10 am becomes Bellydance Intensive
  • Bellydance Intensive opens Thursdays at 7, starting 2/23

We’re back to the normal schedule as of 1/1/2017.

$5 Drop In for January:  Adult Beginner Ballet Wednesdays at 7pm, Musical Theater Thursdays at 7 pm, Burlesque Fundamentals Thursdays at 7pm, Beginner Bellydance and Student Troupe Sundays at noon.


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Upcoming Events

Arielle at the Mediterranean Hookah Lounge and Cafe

Date: January 21st, 2017, two 15 to 20 minute shows at 8 and 9:30p
Held at the Mediterranean Hookah Lounge and Cafe, 77 Sirloin Strip in Madison, WI
Cost: show is free, tips and buying dinner suggested
Join Arielle at the Med Hookah for family-friendly performances! Bring anyone you would like and allow Arielle to entertain you 🙂 The 8pm show is usually traditional belly dance, and the 9:30pm a type of fusion.
This month, the 9:30pm show will feature hip hop belly dance fusion!

Burlesque Ladies Night

Date: January 27th, 2017
Held at Dance Life from 6-8PM
Cost: $25
Join us for a sweet and classy routine!
We’ll let loose and get our burlesque classique on with an easy-to-follow choreography to Nina Simone’s “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl.” Adult beverages provided.
Email us with your name letting us know you would like to attend. Participants of all genders welcome, but please no spectators!

Lap Dance Ladies Night

Date: February 3rd, 2017
Held at Dance Life from 6-8PM
Cost: $25

Get in touch with your inner sex kitten! Kellie will teach you the art of the lap dance through an easy-to-follow routine.  Learn how to tease and tantalize your partner; build anticipation with a sassy approach, seductive floor work, and sensual lap dance.  You’ll leave feeling sexy and confident, and your audience will be begging for an encore!
Get loose, have fun, and make some new friends. Adult beverages provided.
Email us with your name letting us know you would like to attend. Participants of all genders welcome, but please no spectators!

Glo Up- Makeup Event

Date: February 4th, 2017
Held at Dance Life from 1-3PM
Cost: $20
Are you ready to glo up into an Instagram-ready face beat for the gawds?
Arielle is here to teach you the latest makeup trends and secrets for flawless skin, perfectly fleeked and crisp brows and lips, and how to get your winged liner right every time. It’s like a real-life filter! Get the sultry and fresh-faced “makeup no makeup” look that’s currently dominating the internet and makeup blogs, which looks lovely both in pictures and in person. Both of the images you see here are filtered for lighting but Arielle’s skin and makeup is otherwise un-retouched. Let Arielle do the work of curating the world’s best makeup tips for you and share in the glo up!
Email us with your name letting us know you would like to attend. You will be emailed a list of supplies upon registering. If you want to buy additional materials and need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask Arielle for guidance when you register or after she replies with the list of supplies. Basics will include: foundation, concealer, blush, eyebrow filler (pencil, pomade, powder, etc), lipstick, liner, and mascara.

Inappropriate Song Weekend

Date: March 31st & April 1st, 2017
Held at Dance Life from 6pm-11pm on Friday, 12pm-5pm on Saturday
Cost: $15 for Friday show and dance party, Saturday cost TBA
Cis and trans women 18+ only, join us for an outrageous weekend of fun!
By popular request, we are now offering THREE Inappropriate events in 2017- on the first weekends of each month, we’ll hold ISN in April, August and December.
On the evening of Friday, March 31st, we will offer the fabulous variety show that we call Inappropriate Song Night, plus additional open dance time after the performances end. During the day on April 1st, there will be a brunch event and workshops so that we can extend the fun even longer!
If you’ve never attended, ISN is a safe and silly space for women to be whatever they want to be; some people come dressed to the nines, some people come to bring something to the stage, and some come just to let their hair down and have fun.
Audience members are encouraged to wear that outfit you don’t have enough excuses to wear anywhere else, and to bring drinks and snacks- this event is BYOB. We will socialize until 7pm, where those who have signed up to do so will take to the stage to perform whatever they feel like performing, ranging from burlesque to comedy pieces to class choreographies. Some will dance to inappropriate songs, some will give a performance in an inappropriate outfit, some will do inappropriate dances, and some will do all of the above! Courtesy panties are required, and otherwise no holds are barred. You’ve never been to an event like this!
Come prepared to participate in our opening Courtesy Panty Parade (you don’t have to be in just panties) and to bid during our sexy auction! We’ll be auctioning off a variety of fun and sassy goods and services. After the performances end, we’ll open up the dance floor for everyone to get loose and maybe even try some new moves 😉
No registration is required to attend the performances on 3/31, just show up and bring friends. If you’re interested in performing, we strongly encourage you to do so- this audience couldn’t be more loving. Email us if you’d like to be added to our roster. Want to participate, but don’t know how? Hire any of our teachers for private lessons and we can help you! Click the email link above to request more information.
During the day on Saturday, join us for brunch, drinks, and workshops. We don’t have all of the details set yet, but keep your calendar clear on 4/1 and stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the event!

 Friday Night Show  Choreography with Kellie  Storytelling in Burlesque  Body Positivity and Burlesque Basics  Saturday Night Eleganza Dance Party