1.  Please make sure you've completed the CONTACT form so we can check availability for your event.

2.  Once we've answered your questions, provided a tour if desired, and reserved your event on the calendar, you will complete the Rental Agreement below.

3.  Upon submission of the Rental Agreement, you will receive a link to your invoice on our online payment portal.  Please purchase your event rental on the portal within 48h of invoice.  Failure to pay within this time frame will result in cancelation of your reservation.

5.  Any questions?  Please email us at

Rental Agreement

This rental agreement is in consideration of the following agreements, limitations, and conditions entered into by you and Dance Life Studio and Fitness, LLC, whose address is 6725 Seybold Road, Madison, WI 53719.


You will receive an invoice within 1 business day of completing this agreement. A deposit equal to 50% of the rental fee is due within 48 hours of receiving your invoice.  Events with food, drinks, or children require whole studio rental and an additional deposit of $200.

Payment balance

The balance of the payment is due no later than 24h prior to the date of the event.


  • Rentals canceled more than 30 days prior to event: Refund of 100% of the deposit.

  • Rentals canceled less than 30 but more than 14 days prior to the event date: 25% of the deposit will be forfeited.

  • Rentals cancelled within 2 weeks the of event date: 50% of the deposit will be forfeited.

*Extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration if brought to the immediate attention of Dance Life Studio and Fitness.   Adjustment of cancellation fees, as a result,  is at the sole discretion of Dance Life Studio and Fitness.


Rental fee inclusive of facility fee and cleaning fee is due through our online portal following completion of this agreement.  Upon completion of this form, you will receive a link within 1 business day to your invoice. Failure to pay your invoice on the online portal within 24h of invoice, renders this agreement null and void. 

A cleaning fee will be applied for spaces that require cleaning including but not limited to floors, carpet and mirrors per Dance Life management's discretion.  Standard cleaning fees are listed below, but studio spaces that requiring significant cleaning beyond this scope or removal of equipment will accrue additional cleaning extra charges.


All setup, take down and cleaning outside of the scope of our standard cleaning process are included within your rental time.  Any extension beyond your event rental time will incur an additional fee at the standard hourly rate for your event space.



Tenant agrees to surrender the premises in the same condition as when the tenant took occupancy. Tenant agrees to place a row of chairs in front of all mirrors, with a two foot buffer between the chairs and mirrors, in order to prevent mirror damage. Tenant agrees to be financially responsible for any damage to the space or its contents and acknowledges food is not permitted in any non carpeted space of the studios. Tenant agrees to protect the existing flooring from harm by placing a protective barrier such as carpet or padding under any equipment or furniture that tenant might put in the space.


Tenant understands that this lease does not include any services or personnel during their rental period, including but not limited to:  servers, cleaning crew, and security staff. 

Tenant understands that the landlord maintains a general liability insurance policy that does not cover tenant’s contents in case of fire, theft, flood, or any such disaster.

Tenant understands that there is a strict NO SMOKING policy in the space.

Tenant agrees not to use the premises for any illegal purpose.  Tenant understands that the parking lot is shared with other businesses in the complex.

It is further understood and agreed between the parties hereto that if default is made in the payment of rent as set forth above, or if tenant shall violate any of the conditions of this lease, then the tenant shall become a tenant at sufferance, thereby waiving all right of notice to vacate said premises, and the landlord shall be entitled to re-enter and re-take possession immediately of the premises that if any installment of rent shall remain unpaid for three days after written notice of such nonpayment shall have been served on the said tenant or posted in a conspicuous place on said premises, then the entire rental to the end of this lease shall become at once due and payable without demand and may be recovered forthwith by distress or otherwise. 

In the case where the tenant is evicted due to a lawsuit, tenant agrees to pay landlord all costs incurred including attorney’s fees and court costs.

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