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Cleaning Party

  • Dance Life 6725 Seybold Road Madison, WI, 53719 United States (map)

Dance Life is holding a cleaning party! A couple of years ago, many of you turned out to help Arielle get the studio back into order and it was SO helpful, the results have been felt all the way until now. The task list is becoming overwhelming again, and Arielle could use a hand getting things back in order! Pizza and drinks will be provided. Thank you all so much for your help!

Tasks include: 


-all the storage areas are full to capacity and need to be emptied. They need to be reorganized with all of the stuff in the warehouse getting moved somewhere into the main building, which means a bunch of stuff needs to get thrown out or taken to Goodwill. We will need lots of empty cars to do this, and people who can carry stuff or help load stuff up.


-all the furniture needs to be moved out of the lobby for when Chem Dry comes in at 4p to clean the carpets.
-Chips in main floor puttied, and chipped tiles in peacock studio replaced
-Dangly ceiling tiles replaced
-Furniture steam cleaned
-Bathrooms deep cleaned
-Water cup holder redrilled back into wall
-Carpet trimmed and glued back down where lifting
-Dusting, magic eraser on walls, general deep cleaning of space

It may be a long shot, but it would be great to get the spray paint out of the parking lot. We have turpentine in anyone has a power washer!