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Rebel Body Confidence

  • Dance Life 6725 Seybold Road Madison, WI, 53719 United States (map)

You are invited for a special 3-hour intensive workshop on Sunday, May 19th.

Are you uncomfortable with how you feel in your body?

Do you hold yourself to a level of perfectionism?

Do you avoid looking too closely at yourself in the mirror or in photographs?

Have you ever not shown up for things in your life because you didn’t feel confident?

Do you see the profound beauty and value in the people around you, but when it comes to yourself, you only see “faults”?

You’re not alone. The truth is that many people feel like we’re not confident being who we really are.

I see the most beautiful, talented, thoughtful, strong warriors playing small because they believe they are not good enough.  

I am devoted to inspiring everyone to feel like the super bad-ass rockstars they are in this moment.

It’s time to rebel.  

Imagine this: A world where everyone stopped hating their bodies, stopped dieting, stopped judging and criticizing themselves and others, stopped believing the media hype about how they are supposed to show up in the world.

Image a world where we focused on pleasure. Imagine feeling sexy and confident and empowered. Imagine if we lifted each other up, and we all supported and encouraged each other.

Imagine a world where we put our energy into creating more love, more connection, more art and science and leadership.  

It’s all I can think about. 

This is the world I want to live in. It’s the world I want our kids to live in. I believe if we band together, we can change our culture one person at a time.  

Are you interested in being a part of this rebel movement?

If you are ready to transform your beliefs about yourself and your body so you can finally find peace and happiness with who you are, please join Arielle and me, Katie Hill, for a workshop that will change how you see yourself and give you valuable tools to navigate towards self-love.

This is a judgement free workshop where we will talk, move, laugh, cry (maybe that’s only me) and enjoy a community of people who are looking to take their confidence to a new level.


  • Sunday, May 19th, 2019.

  • 1pm-4pm.

  • Workshops are held at Dance Life Studio, Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Wear comfy clothes that you can move in.

  • Snacks and juices will be provided.

  • You will leave the workshop with ideas, tools, and feelings to support your own body confidence.

  • Investment: $75