Celebrating Ourselves, Together

In our society, it’s commonplace for people to bond over negative self-talk.

“I’m such a bad parent, I _____ (did too much of this, not enough of that, dropped the ball there)”

“I’m so bad, I just ate so much of _____”

“This part of my body is unattractive, it’s ______” (too much of that, not enough of this)

Not only is it indirectly frowned upon for people to praise themselves (“pride” as a cardinal sin, anyone?) but many of us are afraid that others will actually cut us down and tell us we are wrong if we express having a positive opinion of ourselves. Who hasn’t heard some variation of "“don’t get a big head about it” at some point in their lives?

At Dance Life, we’ve built a little bubble from the outside world that constantly tells us we equally too much and not enough. Our community is not only about finding ways to give ourselves praise, but in celebrating and encouraging each other to be our true selves.

So we’d like to know- what’s something you really like about yourself? Toot your own horn! List one thing , or list twenty! We want to celebrate you. Sound off in the blog below!