Letting Go of "Should"

The Insidious Word, “Should”

Given that Dance Life is somewhat in the fitness industry, we hear that most insidious of words, "should", quite a bit.

As Dr. Shad Helmstetter explains in his book "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself", when we tell ourselves that we "should" be doing something, we're implicitly reinforcing the idea that we're not doing it.

If we say to ourselves "I should really eat healthy more often," the unspoken follow-up to that sentence is "...but I don't."

Equally, if we say, "I should really be exercising today," the unspoken ending to that sentence is "...but I'm not."

We encourage you to let go of "should", and to live your life how you want to live it.

What takes care of YOU? What feels good? What makes you happy?

Instead of "I should go to class because I need to burn calories and lose weight", how about "I want to go to class because it's one of the few times of the week my brain and body connect positively", or "I want to go to class because I'm always smiling when I leave"? Your body and your desires aren't the enemy. You deserve to feel good, to have needs, and to take up space. And if you want to have some self-care time shakin' it in a dance or aerobics class, then you "should" come join us! ;-)