Lets Talk About "Sexy"

Lets talk about "sexy".

Being "sexy" is so often interpreted as being about how appealing we are to others, how desirable others find us, or something shameful that needs to be shut down or hidden. 

At Dance Life, we believe that everyone deserves to move their body freely and without shame, and to feel good about themselves in their current form. 

If "sexy" is a way you want to feel, then you have the space to feel that way with no other requirements to meet- age, weight, race, etc. If that's something that doesn't matter to you, then rock on! That's a great way to feel, as well. 

We don't exist to be visually appealing to other people. We deserve to look and feel exactly how we want to look and feel. 

If you're looking for an actual, physical building to go and experience these feelings, Dance Life is the place to be!